Brovi Freckle

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Brovi Freckle

Description: The brown-red pigment created specifically for treatment of Fitzpatrick I (Celtic). Suitable for very light / pale skin and pale skin with freckles. Perfect for red-haired girls. Can be used as a corrector.
Color: brown-red
Base: red
Color temperature: warm
Retention rate: high 80-90%
Application method: very lightly and superficially
Application of dilutor: required
Reaction to laser: gradual brightening of the original color, despite the fact that it contains a large amount of organic red colorant, the laser removal session simply lightens the pigment— and as a result is completely eliminated from the body after a certain number of sessions
Reaction to remover: good contact without side effects.
Volume: 15 ml
Ingredients: Aqua, Rosin, Glycerin, Hamamelis Virginiana Extract, Alcohol, CI 21160, CI 12477, CI 21108, CI 77266, CI 77891

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