Brovi Orange Corrector

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Brovi Orange Corrector

Used to neutralize cool gray and blue shades when covering old/low-quality permanent
How To Implant: We recommend to add orange corrector to the pigment to get a warmer
result after healing. To neutralize cool gray and blue shades, the manufacturer recommends
using an orange corrector during the initial surface filling (1st pass).
Color: Bright Orange Base: Orange Color Temperature: Warm Designed to add warms to the main pigment when working with very cool-toned skin on eyebrows and eyes. It also can be used to correct old light permanent makeup of gray and bluish-gray tones. When covering the old pigment, it is best to use Orange Corrector in its pure color form without mixing it with the main pigment. Ingredients: Aqua, Rosin, Glycerin, Hamamelis Virginiana Extract, Alcohol, CI 21160, CI 12477 Follow us: PP Beauty & Academy Fanpage | Instagram | Tik tok | Youtube  

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