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What is a Skin Tag (acrochordons)?

It is a benign growth of tissue fibres, ducts, fat cells, and nerves. Although the precise cause remains unclear, it may form when clusters of collagen and superficial blood vessels become trapped beneath thicker skin layers. Typically small, soft, and harmless, skin tags are often removed for cosmetic reasons.

Will I have a scar after the treatment?

Similar to the Freckle laser, a small scab usually develops at the site of the treated area. This scab lifts away over time, revealing a pink mark that eventually diminishes to a nearly imperceptible white spot. Given their narrow base, even sizable skin tags can be extracted with minimal scarring.

Why should you come to PP Beauty & Academy for skin tag removal?

As a professional beauty care provider in Toronto, we are proud to ensure you will get a safe procedure.

Avoid the risk of infection

Our trained professionals utilize appropriate sanitization equipment and adhere to stringent protocols to eliminate any chance of infection when performing skin procedures. Unlike at-home removal methods, our experts ensure comprehensive postoperative management, crucial for optimal healing. Attempting at-home removals may impede the healing process, result in scarring, or even necessitate emergency medical attention.

Guarantee complete removal of the mole or skin tag

There’s a significant risk of incomplete removal when attempting to eliminate a skin tag at home. It’s possible to leave behind substantial portions deep within the skin layers, leading to potential regrowth and complicating future removal procedures by medical professionals.

Prevent blood loss

Skin tags can embed themselves deeply within your skin layers, sometimes necessitating an incision for proper removal. Undertaking this procedure without professional assistance increases the risk of cutting too deeply or accidentally injuring a vein or blood vessel. Such mishaps could lead to uncontrollable bleeding and necessitate a visit to the emergency room.

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