Brovi Cinamon Sticks

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Brovi Cinamon Sticks

Description: A light yellow-based blond shade. Warm in color temperature. Make sure to add orange corrector when handling cool skin. It is used as the first, basic color for the hair stroke technique on Fitzpatrick phototypes I (Celtic), II (Nordic) and III (East European). The pigment is suitable for the shading technique. The manufacturer recommends using diluent when performing any of the aforementioned techniques.
Color: light warm brown
Base: yellow-orange
Color temperature: warm Retention rate: very high 80-90% Application method: extremely light, airy, and superficial Application of dilutor: required Reaction to laser: if exposed to laser earlier than 4 months after the treatment and/or in case of very dense implantation, may fade to orange shades Reaction to remover: good contact without side effects. Volume: 15ml Ingredients: Aqua, Rosin, Glycerin, Hamamelis Virginiana Extract, Alcohol, CI 21095, CI 12477, CI 77491, CI 21160, CI 77266, CI 77891 Follow us: PP Beauty & Academy Fanpage | Instagram | Tik tok | Youtube

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