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Microblading Phibrows
Microblading Phibrows
Microblading Phibrows
Microblading Phibrows
Microblading Phibrows
Microblading Phibrows

Microblading Phibrows

CA$ 2,860 (HST not included)

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Our PhiBrows Microblading course is designed for beginners, who have the desire to expand their knowledge and stay up to date with the latest procedures in the beauty industry.

This course not only provides you with intensive knowledge, experience, and insight into the fundamentals of designing your ideal eyebrow but also gives you the confidence of self-mastery and operating your own business.

♦ Theory

- Keeping the workplace sanitized and orderly according to international standards (based on Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate CAD standards).

- Method of analyzing customer's facial structure to provide suggestions on the best suitable eyebrow form and color.

- Using the golden ratio rule and the PhiApp digital ruler in measuring the eyebrow to support drawing a standard, even, and harmonious form with customer’s face.

♦ Things to know about PhiBrows Microblading Eyebrow Sculpture:

- The ability of ink retention is based on each skin type and each customer’s constitution.

- Response and impact of ink when tattooing on the skin, the ability of ink retention, the ability of the skin to remember.

- Distinguishing skin types, skin structure, as well as explaining ink retention standards of all tattoo spray techniques.

♦ Understanding of Colors :

- Mixing colors and using complementary colors to keep tattoo ink from turning blue and red.

- Fixing old tattoos perfectly and bringing  old colors back to their natural brown.

- Method of sending ink down into the skin properly.

- Using numbing and annealing ink correctly.

- The recovery process after sculpting and how to care for each skin type.

♦ Hands-on Activities:

- Practice drawing forms on fake skin and real models.

- Practice sculpting eyebrows on fake skin and real models.

- How to take and edit perfect pictures.

- Discussing common mistakes in the sculpting process.

♦ Online-learning program with Craft Master and group work:

- Support students after the course, be updated to study online in groups within 6 months, permanently graded.

- Includes all intensive knowledge, extensive and comprehensive lessons on all areas of PhiBrows Microblading sculpting.

♦ Students will receive the following after graduation :

- PhiBrows diploma from Europe (PhiBrows Artist).

- PhiBrows logo with personal code.

- PhiBrows Artist information will be updated on PhiMap - The world's largest beauty community map – so that customers can search for information and choose.

- After 6 months, students will be guided to advance to Royal Artist.


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